5 Free Tools To Check Your Website Speed

Free Tools To Check Your Website Speed

The speed of a website plays a very important role in website development. Even today people will judge a website good or bad from its speed when it is first opened. If it is proven slow, then people will automatically be lazy to return to the website. Therefore, checking website speed needs to be done regularly.

Now, there are many online website sites that can be used to check whether or not the website that you manage is good so that in the future, you have a solution for how to develop and improve your website.

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The Importance of Website Speed

The main reason why website speed is so important is that no one wants to wait long for a website to fully open. Even based on the current Google algorithm, the speed of a website is a determining factor for a website worthy of being on the first page of Google.

The following are the reasons why the speed of a website is important.

1. Influencing the user's first impression

The speed of a website will give the user the first impression to judge whether your website is good or bad. If the first impression is bad, it will stick to the user's mind. If this happens, then bad news for your website, because these users will never come back to your website again.

Even worse, these users will talk to other people about the bad experience they had on your website. Likewise, if the speed of your website is good, fast and easy to access, users will certainly be impressed and will continue to share it with others about their satisfaction when accessing your website.

2. Influence on income

If the speed of your website is slow and difficult to access, it will unconsciously make you lose potential visitors who may be the users that are ready to spend money on buying your products or using your services. If you think about this, of course you can think of how important website speed is in affecting your income.

3. Influence the user experience

Have you ever thought that users who visit your website are actually looking for what they have been looking for. However, these expectations just disappear due to the speed of your website that is too slow so that it is difficult for users to access it. This certainly makes users disappointed and decides to ignore your website because of the slow loading process to access the content on it.

4. Influence on Google ranking

In its release, Google once said that several factors influence the ranking of a website in search engines, such as content quality, relevance, and authority. Even so, you should not underestimate website speed because it turns out that Google includes website speed as an added value in order to get good rankings on Google. 

5. Long-term public opinion

As a search engine that is frequently used, Google has upgraded their security system to include website speed as a benchmark. So, if your website is slow, security can be suspected. Because, Google will automatically rate the website as a dangerous website.

Not to mention if there are visitor opinions that give poor ratings about your website being slow and difficult to access. If this opinion continues and continues to spread, of course you can imagine the impact on your website.

How to Check Website Speed

Currently, checking website speed is very easy, there are several tools that can help you find out how fast your website is when accessed by users. The following are some online tools that you can use to check the speed of your website.

1. Google PageSpeed ​​Insight

This tool is a free tool for analyzing the speed checking of your website which is released by Google itself so that the assessment indicators are automatically adjusted to Google's own standards.

Currently, Google PageSpeed ​​Insight has been equipped with Lighthouse technology to provide a more complete and accurate analysis to check the speed of your website.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insight features

There are several features in this tool that you can pay attention to and analyze to increase the speed of your website, some of these features include the Scoring feature, the Field Data and Origin Summary feature, the Lab Data feature, the Opportunities feature, the Diagnostics feature, and the Passed Audits feature.

2. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is ​​a tool that functions to display a website performance report with a complete and accurate analysis. In appearance, analysis reports in GTMetrix are easier to read and less tedious. Moreover, currently GTMetrix can be used to analyze core web vitals contained in Google Search Console.

GTMetrix features

GTMetrix has several features that help you analyze a website so that it increases the speed of your website, such as the PageSpeed ​​feature, YSlow feature, Waterfall feature, Timings feature, Video feature, and History feature.

3. WebPageTest

WebPage Test is a site that provides tools to check the speed of your website. This tool is like a special laboratory where you can choose to do a website speed test from various locations in the world for free using just a browser. 

WebPageTest features

In appearance, this tool does not seem very convincing. But behind all that, this tool has complete and accurate features to help you increase the speed of your website. Some of these features include video capture feature, content blocking feature, first view comparison with repeat view feature, connection speed changer feature, and various other features.

4. Pingdom

Pingdom is a tool used to thoroughly check your website speed. In addition, this tool is also able to monitor the downtime of your website. By using Pingdom, you can do a website speed test from 70 locations provided for free. 

Pingdom Features

Pingdom offers several free features that can help you analyze and improve the speed of a website, such as the uptime monitoring feature, the page speed monitoring feature, the transaction monitoring feature, the visitor insight feature, and the server monitoring feature.

5. Web Site Optimization

Is a website that offers tools to check website speed as well as analyze and provide solutions to increase the speed of the website. This site is presented with several excellent features, such as the Web Page feature, the Speed ​​Report feature, the Calculates Total Object Sizes feature, and various other features.
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  31. The New Chemigem D10 replaces the DM52 chlorinator. It gives absolute command over sanitizer levels and pH in one or the other homegrown or commercial applications. With a Chemigem, the "hit and miss" strategies for dosing by hand are a relic of past times. Pool science is controlled naturally and giving ideal degrees of water disinfection while utilizing less chlorine and corrosive.
    The chemigem d10continuously analyses pool water chemistry while your pool system is running. It utilizes the attractions made by the primary pool siphon to take care of exact dosages of fluid chlorine and acids into the pool through solenoid valves. The ChemiGem D10 can likewise be introduced with dosing pumps to take care of the chlorine and acid into the pool. Dosing pump models can be helpful in specific applications, for example, where pool hardware is installed below the water level of the pool. It quantifies how much chlorine is in pool water by estimating the ORP of the water. ORP represents Oxidation Reduction Potential. Synthetic compounds like chlorine demolish harmful bacteria in water by oxidizing them. The level of oxidation accessible in the water can be estimated synthetically with an ORP sensor contained in the ChemiGem's multi electrode. This creates a voltage identified with the ORP of the water, which is a measure the adequacy of chlorine in the water.

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    Necessary Pool Equipment:
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    • Net Skimmer
    • Floor Brush ( For pool floor)
    • Vacuum pump
    • Good Quality Pool Filter (Sand, or DE Filter)
    • Pool Pump (Important)
    • Pool Heater
    • Pool Chemicals (like Chlorine)
    Optional Equipment:
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    • Chemical Feeder
    • Automatic Pool Cleaner (Luxury Comfort Product)

    1. Telescopic Pole:
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    3. Pool Floor Brush:
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    The commonly used pool sanitizer are found in liquid, granular, and tablet (solid) form. Tablets are easiest for establishing a constant supply of chlorine, while the other two forms serve well too. Chlorine can also be generated through a chlorine generator, or Salt System. Usually this system comes with built-in salt water chlorinator filtration system. If the pool is outside, in back yard or exposed to a lot of sunlight, the use of stabilized chlorine may be necessary. This chemical is found in stabilized chlorine tablets and some granular.
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    Filter is the second most important piece of pool equipment after pool pump. Because this system is the responsible of making your pool water clean, it’s vital to keep it in good condition. Since the filter is continually removing dirt and debris, it’s recommended to clean or backwash it once in a while. There are different type of filter available at our pool shop, if you aren’t sure which filter type is best for your pool and lifestyle, stop by our pool and spa warehouse and let us help you out. Make sure to follow a regular filter maintenance program to keep your unit working efficiently. Other tools that help with filtration include skimmers and pump baskets. You also should clean those too.
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    There are usually two or more drains at the bottom of the pool, and skimmer drains around the side of the pool. These work to catch the various type of debris and to filter the water before it reaches the pump. The heavy debris falls to the bottom of the pool while the skimmer drains catch all the light dirt and debris, which float on the surface of the pool, in easily removed strainer baskets.
    Right in front of the pump, there is another filter basket to catch large debris. The water then flows into the filter box itself. Depending on the type of system, the filter unit may contain special fine sand particles to catch all the small debris. Other filters use a diatomaceous earth filter, which is comprised of a chemically inert powder made from sea organisms called diatoms. To clean these filters you need to reverse the water flow, or backwash it, letting the dirty water from the filter out into the sewer system. Another type of filter, made from corrugated paper or polyester cloth, just needs to be removed and washed off. Eventually, after a few years, you just dispose of it and replace it.
    Why are Pool Filters So Important?
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