What Is WordPress Hosting And Its Benefits?

What Is WordPress Hosting And Its Benefits?

WordPress itself is a CMS (Content Management System) that basically exists, for the needs of building a website. The use of WordPress websites itself in the world is very high. It is in the range of 34.5% of the existing websites. And it seems that it will continue to increase.

Not only medium or small web. A large global web, many are also built using the WordPress CMS. Like Vogue, White House, Sony Music, and so on.

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What Is WordPress Hosting And CMS?

Today, CMS users have been facilitated and pampered a lot with this WordPress hosting. Website security, quotas for resources, and website speed will all be taken care of by WordPress.

Users only need quality content management and the necessary SEO.

This is so good, hohoho ..

Currently, WordPress has transformed into one of the giants engaged in the CMS field. Even W3Tech noted, that; WordPress dominates up to 60% of CMS users itself.

The record is taken after conducting a survey of more than 10 million sites that are ranked above Alexa.

Of course, WordPress's dominance of the website market is inseparable from the various conveniences and advantages of WordPress Hosting itself. Many ordinary people can then create their own website, without the need to understand complex programming languages. The easy installation also makes this website more popular. And of course, really supports SEO

Pros Of WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting itself is one of the most popular services for many people. That is for sure. Because, it was built with the needs of the WordPress CMS. Of course there are many advantages offered.

There are many things to know about this one hosting. Here's a further discussion:

1. Fast

The first advantage you can get from WordPress hosting is this speed. Speed ​​is indeed the most sought after requirement by website developers or website users.

Even though it seems trivial, website speed actually affects the number of visits to a website. From this hosting, the server used will load faster when compared to cloud hosting or cloud hosting. Website speed can remain stable even though the traffic on it is busy.

2. Safe

Basically, a standard WordPress website can be said to be sufficient in security. But there are still several cases of hacking or attacks that enter the website.

In contrast, websites that use WordPress hosting themselves have more security. Cybercrime actions can be further prevented by using this hosting. Users also no longer need to set security with a programming language that is tiring to look at.

3. The Existence Of A Website Portal

Another advantage of WordPress hosting is that there is a website portal which contains the exclusivity of the website. Basically, this allows website visitors to have their own portal to enter. Usually the form of this portal is a member area for example.

Creating a portal on WordPress is also very easy, you only need to use lots of templates that can be used. It is possible when the website is running, there is a certain amount of money to be paid, but it is still cheaper when compared to programmer services. In fact, these financial differences can be very far apart.

4. Easy Website Control Panel

Usually, operating a website will be very difficult because in your head are complex binary numbers. With this WordPress hosting, there are many conveniences to configure a website as desired.

The built-in Control Panel has an easy-to-understand interface with many setup tools that can be used. In short, the operation is almost complete, it only remains to set a few things that you want.

5. Many Automatic Features

There are actually many other advantages of WordPress hosting but this is actually its main strength. There are many facilities in WordPress that can be used for free with very helpful uses.

Some automatic things that can be obtained, for example auto backup, auto plugin, auto theme, auto update and so on. This becomes the initial foundation for how to build an effective website. The site itself can be configured and managed so that it can fulfill almost anything that is needed.

6. Multiple Themes Selection

By using WordPress hosting, the choice of themes offered will be very diverse. Starting from themes that can show professionalism, attract customer interest, or make it look aesthetic can be found here. Even plugins can also automatically experience updates to existing updates.

Many websites look attractive indeed and with WordPress, application on the website itself becomes easier. There are several themes that are offered for free but some are premium at various prices.

7. Flexible

One unquestionable thing about WordPress is its flexibility! This CMS can run very well in various environments that are based on PHP.

With the integration of various types of plugins, the website will be customizable and flexible. The plugin that was updated automatically by the developer can make the website's performance even better to minimize bugs.

8. Large Resource Limit

Another advantage of using WordPress hosting is the availability of resource limits, which are arguably very large. This may seem trivial to ordinary people but when you start to include a lot of content, resource limits can become a vital existence.

Because of this large resource limit, WordPress can still run very well even though it has many useful features. The speed of a site using WordPress hosting is definitely very effective even if the traffic or customization is large.

9. SEO Friendly

For those who have operated a website or become a writer, SEO is a familiar thing. A website with interesting content and SEO in itself is a basic way for a website to appear at the top of search engines.

Who doesn't want his website to appear at the top of Google search? WordPress hosting is very able to appear on the first page for the maintain the content presented can be set according to existing algorithms.

Tips For Using WordPress Hosting

When using WordPress hosting, you will usually use it through the many services available on the internet. When using these services, make sure to check the server first, whether it is normal or often experiences problems.

Servers that often experience problems will certainly hinder the operation of the website later. In addition, pay attention to the amount of storage offered because when storage is relatively small, the content that can be served is limited. Consider it well before using it.


Thus a brief overview of what is WordPress hosting and its advantages. So when you ask; what is the best hosting for WordPress? Then the answer is personalized web hosting for WordPress itself.

Actually, the suitability of use depends on the operation and the needs of each. It only needs how to organize and maximize each of the advantages offered.
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