Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Where Should You Invest More?

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Where You Should Invest More?

In today’s era, marketing trends are changing at the fastest pace than ever. We’re all aware of the fact that the market has drifted from traditional marketing to digital marketing. This shift started with the advent of the internet and social media. While digital marketing continues to grow with a larger budget share, doors for traditional marketing are still open for every business.

Having a big budget is of no help unless you have a strong marketing plan. By gaining clarity over the different aspects of traditional and digital marketing, businesses can decide which platform is more appropriate for them and how they can utilize it.

To help you out with this, we have addressed various questions that businesses may have about where to invest. So let’s start with the basics first.

What is Traditional Marketing?
Traditional Marketing consists of conventional methods that existed before digital marketing came and involves avenues such as billboards, telemarketing, newspapers, radio, etc. These methods have been around for decades and typically are less in the use now.

With the advent of the internet, traditional marketing is losing its competition and becoming outdated. Technology has grown significantly today, which has enabled businesses to connect with their audience like never before.

While traditional marketing is still an effective way to get the word out, one cannot rely completely on these methods to market their product to their target audience.

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a new form of marketing that lets you reach the target audience globally via the internet. Some of the opportunities indulged in digital marketing are advertising, PPC, search engine optimization, social media marketing, influencer marketing, blogging and content creation, etc.

These strategies require the use of smartphones or the internet, which the consumers are using extensively nowadays. According to current statistics, there are 4.57 billion active internet users around the globe, and that contributes to its popularity.

Digital marketing has taken precedence over the other as it allows you to reach millions of people in a much faster way, without really having to reach them physically.

How Digital Marketing is a more effective option?
The one thing that makes digital marketing completely stand out is the ability to see the results of your investments directly. Dhawal Sehgal, the CEO of Dignitas Digital, a full-scale digital agency in Philadelphia says, “Your business goals should define the budget of your digital marketing campaigns. In the end, if your customers are able to find you on the internet easily, it is worth investing in.”

By using different analytical tools, you can easily see how your campaign is working and instantly make the necessary changes. Also, digital marketing helps in predicting consumer behaviour, which is a big plus point for small businesses.

Another advantage of investing more in digital marketing is that it gives you the ability to effectively target your niche audience. This makes it a much more robust and cost-effective than traditional marketing. Therefore, you definitely should be investing more budget in digital marketing.

Should you invest in both to get the best results?
Yes, investing more in digital marketing is much profitable but it does not mean that you should completely forget about the traditional forms of marketing. Investing in this avenue is also important. This is truer for big companies who have already established a great offline audience over the past years.

Do not take the funds completely away from traditional marketing. When it comes to small and new businesses, investing solely in digital marketing can be more fruitful since it gives better reach in lesser time.

You don’t need to advertise your brand on television or in newspapers, but you can go for printing brochures and banners for your customers, which is a traditional form of marketing.

Final Thoughts
While concluding, we can say that both types of marketing have their own benefits. But aligning your marketing strategy with digital marketing is a better option in the current market scenario. For any professional assistance, you can get in touch with the digital marketing experts to help you create a marketing strategy that fits your budget.

Author: Abhishek Kumar, Senior SEO Analyst, Dignitas Digital.


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