3 Potential Media Platforms To Improve Your Content Marketing in 2020

Media Platforms To Improve Content Marketing

Every time the trend will always change, in the past people could only do business conventionally, now it has penetrated into the digital world, such as using websites and social media.

Likewise with the media used, in the past BBM and Twitter were the most widely used media to promote online businesses, but over time they began to be replaced by new trends namely Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

The third trend of Mack Zuck's application lasts quite a long time and until now online businesses still rely on these media for their marketing needs.

However, since 2019 user behavior has begun to change, and there is a potential for a shift in trends that threatens Facebook and Instagram.

Have you ever heard the term TL: DR, and TL: DW? Do you know what that means?

TL; DR (Too Long; Don't Read) is a term used to describe an article that is too long, so you don't bother reading it.

TL; DW (Too Long; Don't Watch) is a term used to describe a video that is too long to be watched.

Usually, when something is often found or used repeatedly, a term will appear to explain it quickly.

With the emergence of this term, it means there is indeed a change in behavior or habits of the people today who are lazy to read long content and lazy to watch long-form videos.

And usually when reading an article they will only read the important points, the rest will not be read. Likewise with the video, if the duration is too long they will immediately skip.

So, the question is:

How often does this happen in society that there are terms that are used specifically to describe it?

Is the public at this time so unwilling to read and watch videos with a long duration, even though it might be useful for them?

I better not ask the questions above and I don't want to find out what causes them. But what are the benefits of this changing trend?

In my opinion, changing trends like this is not something we can control. So it's over, just follow the flow.

So what should be done, especially for people doing business? The answer is Choosing the right response.

Then what is the right response here?

The answer is that you have to choose a media such as a new channel or marketing channel for your business that will be able to adapt to future market trends.

Well, the next question is about what media is most suitable for dealing with future trends?

In my opinion there are 3 media or marketing channels that best suit the trends in 2020, and you should start using them from now on. 

3 Media Platforms For Content Marketing in 2020

1. TikTok

Tiktok application

The tiktok trend is extraordinary, in 2019 tiktok has become one of the most downloaded applications. With active users reaching 500 million worldwide.

In Nigeria alone tiktok has been very popular especially among young people, because the average user of tiktok is between the ages of 16-24 years. But there are many Tiktok users who are alay and unstable? Yes, not all, too, the proof is that there are many big brands that have penetrated to tiktok, one of them is RedBull . Well, if your business target is young people, then I think this channel is very suitable for you to create content marketing. Besides that, tiktok is also a very suitable service to respond to TL; DW mentioned above, as there are no long videos there, and there is no heavy content.

2. Podcasts


In 2019, the growth of podcasts or online radio is extraordinary. In one year, a lot of people start using podcasts, from entertaining to horror stories.

There are several supporting factors that make podcasts increasingly explode, environmental conditions, supporting hardware and software. 

Increasing congestion in several countries factor in the high growth of podcasts. People who drive and get stuck in traffic, usually they need something that can reduce boredom. One of the most appropriate is listening to online radio or podcasts.

They can easily search for channels or information that are entertaining or educational, without fear of disturbing their focus on driving.

Besides that hardware and software are also a factor in the development of podcasts. For example, more and more people are using AirPod or EarPhone without cables, which is simpler when used. And the number of software or applications that support listening to podcasts like Sportify, whose popularity is increasing.

Seeing this potential I think it would be wise if you immediately make a podcast. Start now record your voice with anything that can be used.

3. Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Again, in 2019 one of the media that experienced a significant increase in trend was email newsletter.

This media is the answer for TL; DR (Too Long Don't Read).

Email newsletters that have become popular lately are the contents that summarize the news of what is happening or what is on the line right now. But repackaged with "human language" which is easier to understand.

So the news becomes easy to "scan" by the human eye, not to read.

The email newsletter trend was started by TheSkimm in America, the email newsletter platform recommended by Oprah Winfrey.

There are several email newsletter providers such as TinyLetter, Email Octopus, and so on.

And all the themes are almost the same, summarizing the news or other information, and explained easily and concisely.

This email newsletter fits perfectly with the characteristics of people who don't like the hassle of looking for information, and don't like reading long articles.

Information sent and packaged becomes simpler and easier to understand.

Please choose one of the 3 new channels above, which you think your target market will be grateful for if you were there. Focus, enlarge, and build an audience that can enjoy what you do as you enjoy it. From now on, because one of the two enemies of the entrepreneur is but and later.
Feynet Official
Feynet Official
Website Designer, Blogger and an Engineer. Cybersecurity student and the founder of this Blog.

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